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We provide client-driven
and cost-effective claims administration for self-insured entities.

In December 1994, a small group of self-insured employers and claims professionals partnered to form a company whose mission was to provide those employers and other self-insured employers a quality, cost-effective claims program that was in keeping with their individual needs and claims philosophies.

Maintaining that mission, ERMS continues to represent only a select number of employers. Our clients are not one of many in the coffers of a large TPA, but each one's success is of the utmost importance to ERMS. Rest assured, you too will receive the same elevated level of service should you partner with us. We are confident that our team will not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

ERMS is licensed by the Louisiana Department of Insurance and the Office of Workers Compensation as a Third Party Administrator. We provide claims administration for workers compensation, automobile liability, general liability, professional liability, and medical malpractice claims.

Our Philosophy

Our administrative philosophy is client-driven. At ERMS, we don't take a cookie-cutter approach to claims administration. We are able to modify our standard practices to match the unique needs of each claim and the wishes of our client. Our experience has also taught us the critical nature of cost-effective handling of claims as part of an overall risk management program. That's why we strive to protect the resources of our clients and develop strategies to resolve a claim as soon as possible. We believe in the practice of "lagniappe". That's why our clients are more than business associates; instead, we are willing to go above and beyond to assist our clients with their needs.

Our Distinctives

At ERMS we take pride in our distinctives. What makes us different than the rest?
  • We are centrally located - Being in Alexandria, LA, we are able to serve clients throughout the entire state.
  • We offer accessibility - Our clients have direct access to our claims and resources.
  • We are experienced - We have over 125 years of combined experience which allows us to provide a high level of expertise.
  • We provide customized service - Your philosophies and business plans are important to us. We will implement your program, your way.

Meet Our Leadership

  • Lyman Phillips, AIC, CWCP, CHSP
  • Alan Boothe, AIC
    Liability Supervisor
  • Jared Price, J.D.
    Workers' Compensation Supervisor
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